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We partner with a number of leading IT solutions providers, supporting them with cabling work and technical installations for their customers. Many IT solutions providers do not have in-house specialists available with the right cabling and technical expertise and consequently must pass this work onto third-party companies. As cabling subcontractors, Vitel Cabling is therefore a preferred route to take for greater peace of mind and a unique, consolidated offering for your customers.

We’ll work side-by-side and professionally with you 100% of the time, together we can offer an impressive experience for your customers.

Why pass cabling work and technical installations onto sub-contractors who you barely know? It makes perfect business sense to extend your offering, improve relationships and increase margin through a Vitel Cabling partnership.

We offer services within the Northland regions, so you are fully supported wherever you or your customers are in this area.
Our work, systems and components are guaranteed with a 15 to 25-year warranty for your customers’ reassurance and we all hold the necessary qualifications and accreditations. We take Health and Safety seriously and have people trained from working at heights to confined spaces underground. We have an electronic system for completing JSA (Job Safety Analysis) and also have a 5-star Impac Prequal rating.

We use a systematic approach to all our installations for consistent results, allowing you to see that we are getting it right the first time.
Results of onsite tests are included with ‘as build’ drawings in our handover documentation (where the specification requires us to or the client requests this) This is not relevant to all projects.

Vitel Cabling is proud to be a part of (UFB) ultra-fast broadband rollout with fibre optic in whangarei.

What does it do?

Information is carried faster than ever before over Fibre Optic Cable. You can use multiple devices, accessing rich media such as online TV, movies, games without compromising speed.

How to connect to it?
Contact your favorite ISP ( Internet Service Provider) to start the process or phone Northpower on 0800 667 847.

 Our Part

Our friendly team of experienced fibre optic trained technicians will install the fibre using ABF (Air blown fibre) or aireal dropped into the customer’s home or business, whereupon it is spliced into an ONT(optic network terminal).

The ONT is then connected to your modem or devices by patch leads.

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If you would like to find out more about how we will get your data cabling or infrastructure projects right first time, talk to our team today. With highly skilled people ready to assist, you are guaranteed a rapid and effective response.