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Ultrafast Broadband

Vitel Cabling

Is proud to be a part of (UFB) ultra-fast broadband rollout with fibre optic in Whangarei.

What it does?

Information is carried faster than ever before over Fibre Optic Cable. You can use multiple devices, accessing rich media such as online TV, movies, games without compromising speed.

How to connect to it?

Contact your favorite ISP ( Internet Service Provider) to start the process or phone Northpower on 0800 667 847.


Other uses

Your phone line can also be connected over the fibre through to Telecommunications network, just ask your ISP.

Our Part

Our friendly team of experienced fibre optic trained technicians will install the fibre using ABF (Air blown fibre) or aireal dropped into the customers home or business, where upon it is spliced into an ONT(optic network terminal).

The ONT is then connected to your modem or devices by patch leads.